European Network of Art Associations and Kunstvereine, ENAAK  

The European Network of Art Associations and Kunstvereine, ENAAK, is a network established to advance and strengthen non-profit, member-based art societies and kunstvereine in Europe, run by the civic society, who are dedicated to the advancement and exhibiting of contemporary visual art and art education. 

ENAAK is initiated by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine, Riksförbundet Sveriges Konstföreningar (The Swedish Association of Art Societies), Norske Kunstforeninger (The Norwegian Association of Art Societies) and Finska Konstföreningen (The Finnish Art Society). Together we represent about 1150 art societies and Kunstvereine in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The aim of the network is to promote the importance of, and strengthen art associations, art societies and kunstvereine in Europe.

ENAAK offers a platform for exchange and collaboration between the umbrella associations and between our members, the art societies and kunstvereine. The network provides an opportunity to discuss the current situation and the future of non-profit, member-based art organizations like ours. Through the network we can discuss challenges, exchange experiences, and learn from each other, share best practice-projects, and discuss what can be the next practice. 

ENAAK wants to raise awareness of the engagement of the civic society in the arts. Our members provide a large number of artists an opportunity to exhibit their work, they provide the public an opportunity to experience it and to take part in numerous events that further a better understanding of contemporary art. The network also provides an opportunity to strengthen the position of the kunstvereine/art societies on a European level. We believe there is strength in numbers and together we can make a difference.

In 2022 

Through funding from the Swedish Art Council in 2022, we have established a network structure among non-profit, member-based art societies and kunstvereine in Europe. We have reached out to like-minded organizations in Europe to bring more organizations together to strengthen the network. The work has been led by a working group consisting of representatives from Sweden, Norway, and Germany. 

The first event is a seminar, divided in two half days in November. During the first day, European art organizations will present themselves to each other with the purpose of getting to know each other’s programmes and strategies. This day will be open to board members and staff in the organizations. The second day will be a presentation of three perspectives of methods, best practice, and know-how among different art organizations in Europe. This day aims to inspire and encourage engagement and will be open to all members in the participating organizations.

After 2022

Our aim for the network is to improve the conditions for the non-profit member-based art institutions run by the civic society. By regular meetings we will establish a solid network where we can explore and discuss common challenges and topics that concerns us all. This will provide us a platform where we can exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practise and further on develop joint projects. The goal is to arrange network meetings two or three times a year, and one of these days will be a seminar where we invite like-minded organizations to share their work.

The future work of network will strengthen the very important infrastructure of contemporary art in Europe and improve the conditions for non-profit member-based art institutions run by the civic society.